Oral care

In day-to-day life, it can often be hard to keep oral hygiene up to the standards recommended by dentists. As well as increasing the risk of tooth decay, poor oral hygiene can also cause bad breath (halitosis) – and insufficient salivation can lead to dry mouth syndrome (xerostomia). Our targeted products can help stabilize healthy levels of oral flora and encourage salivation. They offer a simple, discreet alternative to conventional oral care. Our formulations are based on clinical studies, which means the products can carry specific health claims.


  • With the natural active ingredient Ectoin®
  • For relief of dry mouth syndrome
  • Available as pastilles and hard candies

Fresh breath

  • To effectively combat bad breath
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Available as hard candies

Healthy teeth

  • To neutralize enamel-destroying acids
  • Available as hard candies