The F. Hunziker + Co AG Family Story

Founded as a trading company for chemical-technical products

Fritz Hunziker, then 25 years old, opened his own bulk and wholesale venture with soap flakes and detergent. With the rise of electric washing machines, however, it soon became clear that the detergent segment would not offer sufficient growth potential. As a result, the shrewd entrepreneur began the search for a new field of activity.

Business card

Cookie and waffle production begins

After moving from Winterthur to Dietikon, Fritz Hunziker began trading in pharmaceutical products, tonics, teas, soups, diverse foodstuffs and natural remedies. During World War 2, he performed his military duties while his faithful spouse kept the business running with dedication despite strict rationing measures. As a result, cookies and waffles were produced in their garage at home for sale in hotels and restaurants in spite of difficult circumstances.

Production takes place in the family’s garage at home on Mühlehaldenstrasse in Dietikon

A corporation was founded and hard candies were added to the product range

After the war, Fritz Hunziker laid the foundation for today’s company, a fully independent family corporation free from any outside influence. Once it became clear that the cookie and waffle business would no longer continue to grow, a colleague from the men’s choir, who was also branch manager at Migros, advised Hunziker to make hard candies to sell to Migros. At the time, Migros had no sugar products in its product range. With a strong will, plenty of entrepreneurial spirit, steadfast resolve, and optimism, Fritz Hunziker began to produce hard candies along with 2-3 employees. Garages were converted into production rooms.

Candy-wrapping machine

First deliveries to Migros cooperatives

The filled boxes were delivered directly to the modes of transport by means of a slide. Initially, horse-drawn carriages and later trucks were used to bring the products to the train, to Migros in Zurich, and to other destinations. The company continued to grow and already employed around 30 employees.

F. Hunziker + Co AG company truck

The company moved to its new production facility on Heimstrasse in Dietikon

The company continued to grow, now employing around 45 people. Fritz Hunziker had great social solidarity with his employees. Considering the time period, he offered them quite generous social benefits. With his dynamic personality, Fritz Hunziker shaped both his company and the cultural political life of the Dietikon community. Over time, he also assumed various important, political offices within the municipality of Dietikon as well as in diverse local associations.

Factory building on Heimstrasse in Dietikon

Fritz Hunziker Junior takes over company leadership responsibilities

Fritz Hunziker Senior (left) and Fritz Hunziker Junior (right)

Powder drinks added to the product range

With the development of powder drinks such as ice teas and isotonic sports drinks, F. Hunziker + Co AG proved to be more than just pioneers in this segment. They soon became today’s largest producer of instant ice teas in Switzerland with a market share exceeding 70%.

Instant tea added to the product range

Due to great successes in ice tea and sports drinks, Hunziker launched delicious instant-powder herbal teas with fennel and medicinal herbs, some of which were even certified as medicinal products.

With foresight, the Hunzikers recognized the trend in sugar-free candies by opening a modern production facility for this purpose at their factory in Dietikon.

Operational management responsibilities handed over to the 3rd generation

Akellas srl., headquartered in Northern Italy, is added to the family holdings

With the acquisition of Akellas srl., the Hunziker Group took its first steps beyond the Swiss border by purchasing one of Italy’s most wellknown and established hard-candy brands.

Halter Bonbons AG becomes a part of the family holdings

In acquiring Halter Bonbons, the Hunziker Group added a tradition-rich company with ample experience in the hard-candy segment while continuing to expand its market position. Halter had long established itself as the market leader in caramel and as one of leading manufacturers of sugar-free hard candies in Switzerland.

Commissioning of one of the world’s most modern gummy-candy production facilities

F. Hunziker + Co AG becomes one of the world’s leading innovators in functional products such as nutritional supplements, medicinal products, prescription-free drugs and foodstuffs. The company continued to invest in the Swiss market and opened one of the world’s most modern gummy-candy production facilities.

Introduction of Health-iX at Migros

In addition to countless products, which are produced by F. Hunziker + Co AG on behalf of national and international companies, nutritional supplements for health-conscious and active individuals are also offered under the brand name Health-iX. A selection of these products is available for purchase at Migros.

F. Hunziker + Co AG today

The life’s work of an innovative man, the foundation of which was laid under difficult circumstances in 1930, was to build the company step by step into one of branch’s most modern operations. Today, the company employs approx. 160 members of staff and continues to be successfully operated as an independent family holding in its 3rd generation.

Factory building on Heimstrasse in Dietikon