Sustainability and environmental protection

F. Hunziker + Co AG is committed to making all of its production and operational procedures sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes using raw materials, water and energy efficiently and sparingly, and reducing emissions and recycling waste. Most of our energy already comes from renewable sources, and our production is carbon-neutral.

Water and energy

Energy from renewable sources covers 63 percent of our electricity consumption. We also have a modern waste-to-heat system that produces all of the heating energy we need.

Reusable materials and waste recycling

All waste materials produced during manufacturing are channeled into new recovery cycles. For instance, all edible waste that does not contain active ingredients goes into pet food. Waste that is unsuitable for reuse goes into generating heat.

We also employ reusable transport containers, send scrap metal and oil to certified recycling firms for specialized processing, and are a member of a pallet recycling scheme.


F. Hunziker + Co AG is a zero-carbon company. Like our heating energy, the heating power we need for production comes from a central, carbon-neutral waste incineration system. It saves 700 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to a conventional oil heating system.

Our site is equipped with modern technology that ensures our production processes produce no steam, smoke or soot emissions, and no smells or environmental noise. A state-of-the-art filter system prevents emissions of particulate matter, and retention tanks minimize the total organic carbon content in the water cycle.