F. Hunziker + Co AG - Overview

Hunziker - creating taste and function

Well-being and health

For better relief of coughs and sore throats: drops with herbal extracts, throat lozenges and herbal tea powders - registered as OTC products.  
  For better dental hygiene: patented dental-care drops with mineral salts to neutralise acids which can harm tooth enamel
For more energy: instant isotonic electrolyte beverages and hard-boiled sweets containing guarana and caffeine  



For stronger natural defences: drops, jellies or toffees containing important vitamins as a dietary supplement

Freshness and kick

A broad variety of types of candy all designed to meet the same need:

Pastilles, hard-boiled sweets filled with Xylitol, lozenges, dragées



Smart & convenient:

Instant beverage powder for soft drinks and iced tea



Fun and enjoyment

A true delight without sorrow:

Hard-boiled sweets which are easy on the teeth: filled with real, sugar-free Swiss chocolate




Candies ...

(two flavours in one, with Xylitol and waterdrop-effect)


... and pastilles.

Two colours, two flavours - all in one pastille, for twice as much fun.



Gum drops

In a wide range of colours, shapes and flavours: plain, sugar-coated or foam.




Spruso / Prima


Delightfully soft!


Hard-boiled sweets
In a wide range of different flavours, colours and shapes.
Spruso / Prima



Micamu Caramels
Made of premium Swiss milk



For Easter and Christmas and for every season: the right speciality for the right atmosphere

Spruso / Prima

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