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All persons, who access information from the website www.fhunziker.ch, agree and consent to the following terms an conditions.


No personal data.
With each access of a user to the website www.fhunziker.ch, and retrieval of a file, data about this process is stored in a log file. The format corresponds to a webserver log format and the data is not personal. The stored data is used exclusively for statistical evaluation. Data is not passed on to third parties.


In order to make the use of the website www.fhunziker.ch easier, cookies are used. Cookies are date files, which are stored on the user's hard disc, in order to simplify navigation. Information concerning the user, which is contained in the cookies, is not used for identification purposes of the individual user. The storage of cookies on your hard disc can be influenced, or partially or completely prevented, by adjusting certain properties of your browser. In as much as links of other companies or advertising clients are present on the website www.fhunziker.ch, these links could possibly contain cookies of the parties in question. F. Hunziker + Co AG cannot be made liable for these cookies an their usage.


Exclusion of warranty.
No guarantee is given, neither explicitly nor implicitly, of the accuracy of the information and views published on the website www.fhunziker.ch. F. Hunziker + Co AG undertakes all reasonable steps to guarantee the reliability of the given information, but makes no covenants about the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information and views contained on the website.


Exclusion of liability.
F. Hunziker + Co AG accepts no liability, negligence included without restrictions, for loss or damage in any form, which could arise by accessing, using, downloading or browsing of the website.


Neither F. Hunziker + Co AG, nor its contracting parties, give any form of warranties, assurances, or guarantees regarding the data and information available on the website; especially not in regard to the accuracy or completeness, the commercial usability or any other fitness for a particular purpose.


Damages (especially potential damages to the computer system) and loss of data, which could occur through downloading, must be borne by the user.


Should you activate certain links on the website www.fhunziker.ch, you could possibly exit the website www.fhunziker.ch. F. Hunziker + Co AG has not investigated the sites which are linked to the website www.fhunziker.ch and may not be held liable for their contents, the offered products, services or any other offers.


Property, Copyright
All information on the website www.fhunziker.ch is the property of F. Hunziker + Co AG. Texts, images, graphics, including their layout on the website www.fhunziker.ch, are subject to copyright, trademark and other protective legislation. The contents of the website may be copied solely for private use, but not publicized, changed or made available to third parties. Any use of the contents of this website for commercial use is forbidden.


Unless otherwise indicated, all trademarks on the website www.fhunziker.ch are protected by copyright laws. Any use of the trademarks requires the written consent of F. Hunziker + Co AG or the respective trademark owner. Copyright references, brand references and other legally protected terms may not be changed or removed.


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